As designers, we’re constantly looking for insight into how great design is manifested. Sometimes, the method to the madness is more eye opening than anything else. Such has been the case with Apple and their line of computers and consumer electronics. They’ve been hailed as geniuses of industrial design, but is groundbreaking design their goal at the onset of each new undertaking?

It’s not very often that we get to take a peek inside a company that has come to be known for their secrecy, let alone their design. But recently, Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design, Jonathan Ive, offered documentary filmmaker, Gary Hustwit, a candid look at how they approach designing a new product.

Ive mentions in this clip that part of what has made Apple successful in their designs, has been the fact that design isn’t always the first aspect of a product that’s considered. Getting around design, as Ive puts it, and looking at function and interaction first help drive the ultimate look of a product. Whether it’s the iMac, iPod, or iPhone, each product revolves around a central feature and the rest of the design elements end up falling in place around that main experiential element.

When comparing industrial design to web, print, and multimedia design, it’s easy to see how different the processes can be. Some designers have a tendency to focus so much on creating a work of art that function is lost, while others concentrate on function so heavily that the piece becomes dry and unappealing.

Like Apple, we here at Urban Geko like to think that we offer a great blend of style and function, especially with website design. The purpose of sites that we design is never forgotten, and flawless function is always what we strive to achieve. Form and function typically go hand-in-hand, and our website designers in Newport Beach have years of experience delivering marvelous results.

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