The main goal of a web page is communication. When words are not enough to get the message across, you can use pictures and other graphics. As a web designer, you are a communicator first, an artist second. It is your job to create pages that look good and can send messages clearly. If you are planning to add other elements in your web design, follow these rules to minimize, if not eliminate, clutter in the pages.

• If you’re going to put an image, you need to make sure that it has a purpose. Does it illustrate the message you want understood? Can it contribute to your purpose?
• Make your fonts legible, for some web designers, 7 to 10 words on a single line can be too much.
• Highlight the important parts of the page. That’s why italics, bold and underline were invented, so make sure you use them when needed.
• Use the best images possible, the fewer of them, the better.
• Charts and tables can sometimes communicate the message better than blocks of text. Use them especially when you’re dealing with groups of people who are in a hurry.
• Make your sites standout so your readers can remember them as well. Use daring colors if you want, but always remember compatibility.
• Simple designs are easier to understand than complicated ones. One to two column designs are easier for most readers to comprehend.
• Lastly, sometimes, it is best to hire a professional if you want the best looking website. A branding manager can help enhance your presence on the web while a marketing guru and bring help bring in the traffic you need.

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