Many, if not the majority of retailers have a strong, online e-commerce presence. Whether you’re an established retailer with a recognizable storefront, or a start-up without the brick and mortar, here are some e-commerce tips that may help boost your sales.

1. Have complete and comprehensive information for your products

A great looking photo gallery of your products with detailed descriptions of each will make it simple for your customers to get the vital information they want at a glance. One of the biggest mistakes an e-commerce site can make is not making the details that the customer wants easily accessible. If your customer can’t find out what they want to know, they’ll move on to somewhere else; probably a competitor.

2. Offer online-only specials

Besides an appealing and easy to use interface, special offers can encourage visitors to buy online even if you have a “brick and mortar” establishment. E-commerce is more than just selling a product on the web; it’s an opportunity to reach out to customers and help build a brand. By offering special deals to online users, an entirely new customer base can be established and catered to.

3. Ship large orders for free

Similar to online-only specials, free shipping is a huge reason for visitors to buy from your e-commerce store. Many times, it can make or break an online sale. A customer might have been ready to check out with plenty of items in their cart, then seen the shipping cost only to promptly cancel the transaction. If you have a policy that, say, any order over $50 ships for free, then there’s an added incentive for the customer to use you as well as hit the dollar requirement for free shipping.

4. Provide outstanding customer service

Arguably more important than even your products or services, first-class customer service can make all the difference in the world. In fact, some shoppers base their decision to use or not use an online retailer simply on previous customer service experiences or customer service reputations. Shoppers are more prone to look past slightly higher prices or a mild discrepancy as long as the service was friendly, prompt, and resolved any issues without excessive effort on their part.

Although we can’t tell you what promotions to run, the team at Urban Geko can design and build an e-commerce site that will meet your every need and impress your online visitors. Whether you need a new e-commerce site, or your existing site could use a tune-up, we can ensure your site will be appealing, intuitive, functional and customizable. Email us today to see how we can help your e-commerce business grow!

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