3 Ways to Quickly Build Your Brand with 3D Animations

3 Ways to Quickly Build Your Brand with 3D Animations

3 Ways to Quickly Build Your Brand with 3D Animations 620 308 Urban Geko Design

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we are living in an era of endless possibilities. A few years back, who would have thought that we could move our drawings, make them feel more life-like?

Have you seen the Heinz’s ‘Can Size For Every Aussie‘ video? Heinz tells an uplifting story in this video about the true love for canned beans in tomato sauce through 3D animation. Keep an eye out for the details and aesthetics while you watch this video! Heinz shows other brands how they did 3D animation and how you should also do.

If you are still wondering what makes 3D animations great for businesses, then you should know that a study suggests that our brain can process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. This eventually leads to higher retention of videos and images than words.


In simpler terms, your customers are more likely to remember your company’s relevant information by watching animations and pictures rather than reading words. This creates an increase in popularity and sales.

We’ve listed some of the main reasons for how 3D animations will help you grow your business.


  • 24×7 availability and cost-effective

Once you post a video online, it will always be there on your website, unlike TV ads that keep changing. Just with a click, your customers can access your ads, which aids to your brand recognition strategies.  The best part? Whenever you want to add new information, you can simply edit the video and update it. Getting a 3D animation is a one-time investment.


Once you are done with it, you can use it anywhere anytime. It saves time and energy that’d otherwise be wasted in trying different advertising and marketing operations to promote your product. You get the best quotations for your project according to your budget while working with our team of top Orange County web design experts.


  • Educate and Inform your customers

Think of the last time you sat for long hours reading the entire brochure of a company or every detail about a product on its website through infinite web pages. We know that you so have wished someone to explain it all to you without engulfing your precious me time.

This is why animation videos are crucial for your business. What do you think will make customers spend time on your website? A two-minute all-inclusive video about your product, or a six long web pages describing your value proposition in words?

We are accompanied by sight and sound almost every second of our lives. With an animation video, you can tell them moving stories or catch them off guard by making them laugh, and create an emotional connection with them. A dynamic video with a great script will never fail to catch the attention of your customers.



  • Drive Traffic and Increase Interactivity

One of the advantages of 3D animation is that you can post it on various platforms. You can hire top-notch Orange County website designers to get your animations done.

As the number of internet users is already very high and is ever-increasing, you have a very high chance of getting brand exposure. Include videos in your website to increase conversion rates by 80℅. Your competitors are already taking advantage of this. It’s high time you consider it as well. Moreover, if your video has creative concepts and effects, it will evoke audience participation, and people will feel more connected and interested in your company.


Wrapping Up

Once you decide to grow with 3D animation videos, you are sure to win. Our Orange County web designers and animators handcraft products and characters that are near-real life. The best part about it is that you can use it in any field, from architecture to game designing and development to healthcare. 3D animation is a creativity that isn’t limited to just a single realm. If you haven’t already used 3D animation for your business, then gear up to make your business reach skies.


Get in touch with our team of Orange County website design experts to start working on 3D animations to tell the story behind your product!