Simplicity- This simply cannot be overstated. Far too many websites loose visitors because the content is too cluttered and difficult to follow. The user’s experience should be easy and informative. Boil down what you want to say to it’s core and give the visitor exactly what they need to know.

Use White Space- Along the lines of keeping the site simple, white space keeps the design modern and easy to follow. Without a lot of clutter, the important information that you’re trying to convey will get noticed and serve its purpose.

Keep the User’s Attention- Plain and simple, people have short attention spans and a website that’s too wordy and complicated will loose the visitor’s attention quickly. It’s important to keep the content relevant and interesting to the people you’re trying to reach.

At Urban Geko, we know that these, among other principles, need to remain at the foundation of any website design that is going to be successful. We understand that effective website design is much more than a fantastic design; without flawless functionality, a site will struggle to meet its goals. Urban Geko has a proven track record of producing stylish, modern sites that rely on sound reasoning and tactics, and achieve results for our clients.

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