When we think back in time to the decades prior to the 21st century, strong connotations come to mind that define each one in terms of fashion, political movements, popular culture etc. Now consider present day: we have survived what many have called “The Decade from Hell” which has yet to be named (the 00s, the Noggins, the Naughties are a few suggestions). After enduring such a tumultuous ten years we can now look ahead to the next with hopes of not having it marred by natural disasters, wars, a recession etc. Time Magazine recently published an article on 10 Ideas for the Next 10 Years and I would like to examine two of them that will directly impact the world of design.

1. TV Will Save the World
According to Time, television is still the most influential medium available today. Despite the seemingly ubiquitous nature of the internet, television is in the lead to becoming accessible in the homes of several third world countries. There are several positive effects caused by TV permeating the globe: family preference for newborn girls; adult education; and less domestic violence against women.However, television has still been strongly correlated with violence, obesity and social isolation Time says. At Urban Geko, multimedia is the third division of expertise and we see this as a medium that can be translated into TV spots that will negate these harmful effects. For example, a video for a non-profit environmental organization can generate a call to action about how to plant trees in your community. Thus, this would encourage outdoor activity as well as social interaction. Design is a powerful tool that is not just separate from television, but is translated through it. As Los Angeles graphic designers our goal is to create meaningful messages for our clients that are conveyed in a clear effective way.

2. The Boring Age
Since the turn of the century, with inventions like the touch-screen iphone and integrated navigation systems it feels as though our technological innovations are accelerating at an unprecedented speed. However, Time notes that these advances are not as revolutionary as the ones that occurred in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Think of the impact the first refrigerators and indoor electric lighting had on our lives today. Our technological improvements today hardly have the same life-altering effect. This is why Urban Geko feels that this is an idea that will be short-lived. If not in the next decade, maybe in the next century with the help of design we can create innovate technologies that will dramatically transform the way we live for the better. Currently, design has been strongly influenced by biology to create bio-compatible materials for a wide array of products and architecture. With so many problems in the world, design can collaborate with other fields to help solve them since design is, after all, a means of producing creative solutions under a set of constraints.

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