On June 12, 2010 two of the world’s most powerful countries will come together to play for the most revered soccer title known to man: the World Cup. The small town of Phokeng, South Africa will not only host the United States and England, but several other countries as well: Mexico, France, Argentina, Greece, Germany, Nigeria etc. With all the hoopla surrounding the event our Los Angeles graphic design company immediately brought our attention to one thing: the brand identity of the tournament.

The logo itself strongly brands the colors of the South African flag: black, blue, red, green, yellow and white. This color scheme set a tone for the logo that will give viewers an already recognizable feel for the games to come.

The strong color scheme of the logo is complemented by an original typeface that exudes the playfulness of the competition. According to fifa.com, “The 2010 identity is unique, vibrant and dynamic, graphically encapsulating the African continent while more intimately dipping into South Africa’s rich and colourful heritage for inspiration.”

The eye flow of the logo is well directed with the “South Africa 2010” text as the starting point. From there the rock figure, which is emblematic of the early rock paintings of South Africa, suggests a dynamic vertical swish of motion that is accented by the colorful strips in the background. The strips appear to be taken from the flag itself; the middle strip which points at a modern day soccer ball mirrors the black and yellow “V” shape of the flag.

The composition of the logo combined with a richly colorful backdrop makes the logo symbolic of the high energy, vibrant nature of the world cup and the welcoming atmosphere of Phokeng, South Africa that says, “Let’s play!” To our LA graphic designfirm a successful is memorable, timeless, simple and appropriate. The 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa logo is all of those things.

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