What Makes A Website Stand Out?

What Makes A Website Stand Out?

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Many people have tried to answer this question and only the best can get it right.

First off, simple navigation is essential. If visitors to the site are overwhelmed with too many choices, they’ll end up confused and click the “back” button. Hand-in-hand with easy navigation is clean, elegant, and creative design. A site only has a few seconds to make a great first impression and show the visitor the “wow factor”. Without first class design, intuitive navigation can only do so much.

Next, the content needs to be relevant, fresh and engaging for the visitor. Anyone can dish out the basic “who, what, when, where and why”, but turning them into interesting and meaningful components of the site takes true creativity and forward thinking.

Lastly, on top of great design, easy navigation, and intriguing content, the site needs a call to action. Every web site has a purpose and the call to action should fulfill it. Whether “contact us”, “request a quote”, or “checkout”, the call should be clear and easy for the visitor to find.

At Urban Geko, we keep all of these (among other) important ideas in mind when designing web sites for our customers. Our goal is always superb design, intuitive navigation, and customer service that’s second to none.