What is a Content Management System?

What is a Content Management System?

What is a Content Management System? 150 150 adminxs

As Los Angeles website design firm, we cater to a myriad of clients who each have differing levels of computer expertise. As designers we not only empathize and cater to their needs, but strive to educate them about industry terminology with which they may or may not be familiar. One website feature clients are often not  accustomed to are Content Management Systems (CMS). In this blog, you will learn everything you need to know about CMS and if it’s right for you!
A Content Management System is back-end software that you can use to keep track of all the information on your website. This can include anything from simple text, photos, musics, documents etc. for a simple brochure website to an inventory of products for an e-commerce site. It is popular because it requires almost no computer expertise for you to use and can save you money in the long run by allowing you to making small changes to your website on your own.

Standard CMS procedures allow you to:

-Let several people to contribute to the content
-Control access to the information on the site
-Assist you with easy storage and retrieval of data
-Avoid duplicate content
-Enhance communication between users
-Use inventory control systems
-Build custom data reporting tools

CMS is typically used for:

-Personal blogs
-Non-profit or community websites
-Government applications
-Small business websites or portals
-Corporate websites or portals
-Online publications
-E-commerce sites
Common CMS sites include Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. On the other hand, Urban Geko, your Orange County Website Design company, can provide you with a custom designed Content Management System to go with your site! Our team of experienced programmers have developed a fully scalable CMS that can be tailored specifically to your website. While other CMS providers can only give you a limited number of plugins, we can create any procedure that you might need to aid the functionality of your site. Check out these examples below to get a better idea of how powerful our CMS is:

Exhibit A: Tight-Budget Ted

Ted just opened a hip new sushi restaurant in Irvine, CA. He is personally invested in his business and has a very limited budget for marketing. Ted understands, however, the importance of having a quality website that will help his business grow and obtain customers. He researches sites like Joomla & WordPress and realizes that he doesn’t have enough money to integrate the entire Content Management System. So, he turns to Urban Geko and discovers that our CMS is completely scalable.

This means he can begin by completing his website with all the standard functionalities of a Content Management System just to get his business started. Down the road, once his sushi restaurant starts generating more revenue, Urban Geko will be there to add more procedures to his CMS. Ted might need an custom designed inventory to keep track of sushi t-shirts he’s selling or a way to upload his newest menu items he’s created complete with content and photos. As your los angeles web design company, we genuinely want to see your business succeed and are willing to be flexible with your needs!

Exhibit B: E-Commerce Emma

Emma just finished designing her own vintage style clothing line and is ready to have it sold to the public through an e-commerce website. Emma also has OCD and wants to be able to control every single aspect of her site. She wants to know exactly how many t-shirts she has left in stock categorized by size, color, style. She wants to know the precise location of each of her products that is being shipped every hour of the day. She wants to know specific marketing trends broken down into each category of her site. Emma wants to know everything.
So she visits Drupal and can’t seem to find the right plugin for what she needs. Each plugin either doesn’t have all the functionalities she needs or isn’t even available at all. So she turns to Urban Geko. Here she is delighted to know that we can build any type of procedure she wants in a way that will be simple and easy for her to use. Our programmers are very much familiar with our own CMS and can therefore generate any type of procedure you might need.
Now that you’ve read about how Urban Geko can help you with your Content Management Site, give us a call today for your free quote! We would absolutely love to assist you.