Tweets: 55 Million a Day and Counting

Tweets: 55 Million a Day and Counting

Tweets: 55 Million a Day and Counting 150 150 Urban Geko

Unless you’ve been living under a rock this past year, chances are you have either tweeted or seen a tweet on today’s fastest growing social media website. The 140 character text based posts have spread like a wild fire throughout the world since 2006 with users tweeting about their current location, breaking news and even marriage proposals. Celebrities and business owners alike have embraced it as a popular marketing tool by allowing fans and clients to follow them. Twitter has grown so large, with an average of 55 million tweets a day, that on April 14th it’s co-founder Biz Stone announced that it will be donating its entire archive of public tweets to the Library of Congress. Urban Geko, your California graphic design firm, would like to share some famous tweets with you:

1. Oprah’s First Tweet

@oprah ur caps r on, btw -THE_REAL_SHAQ (Shaquille ‘O Neal)

2. Breaking News of Earthquake in China

Gosh, magnitude 7.8 … God Bless…… -dtan

3. Ideacodes Marriage Proposal

To @emilychang – After fifteen years of blissful happiness I would like to ask for your hand in marriage? -maxkiesler (Max Kiesler)
@maxkiesler – yes, i do! -emilychang (Emily Chang)

4. The Very First Tweet

just setting up my twttr -jack (Jack Dorsey)

5. Urban Geko’s Very First Tweet!

Hi everyone, this is Dave from Urban Geko! We’re a creative design firm in Orange County, CA. Check back often for updates on what we do! -Urban Geko
As an Orange County Web Design firm we understand the importance of social media and its use as a medium through which we can communicate with our existing and potential clients as well as just about anyone in the microblogging sphere. We currently use our twitter account to provide you with links to our blogs that contain useful information for your daily food for thought. So if you haven’t already, follow us @urbangeko!