Simple, Easy Flash Tutorials

Simple, Easy Flash Tutorials

Simple, Easy Flash Tutorials 150 150 adminxs

Flash design can be a very powerful medium of expression for animations, websites, title sequences among a myriad of other dynamic projects. It allows for fluidity and motion that is often used by high profile firms that want to create a look for the 21st century. With such great flexibility the greatest challenge facing Flash designers is how to keep it under control in a way that still delivers effective and meaningful design. All the fireworks and revolving images are useless unless they have a purpose for being there.
To get your flash design foot off the ground without starting with a full sprint, click on the images below to find simple tutorials that make learning action script fun and easy:

How to Create a Simple Image Gallery

Working with Text in Flash

Create an Auto-Scrolling Vertical Content

As Orange County Web Designers, we are experts at creating flash animations and flash sites! One thing to note about Flash design websites is that it makes it difficult for Search Engine Optimization purposes. This is why I usually just include Flash elements on my pages such as animations, instead of creating the entire site in Flash. However, if you’re not worried about that, code away!