Programs a graphic designer cannot live without

Programs a graphic designer cannot live without

Programs a graphic designer cannot live without 150 150 adminxs

Graphic software is essential to any graphic designer’s success. Among these some of the most popular Adobe programs include InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Each program is designed for a different purpose, but designers are constantly working will all three. Our team has put together brief overview of each of these programs to give you a better understanding on the difference between them.

Indesign is a program that is best used for layout designs. This program has amazing text handling capabilities and makes it easy to set formatting commands with built in styles like character styles and paragraph styles. These features help keep your document consistent and will save you lots of time in a multipage document.

Photoshop is best for photo editing.  It allows you to make adjustments to your photographs. This program has the capabilities to turn an ordinary image into a work of art.

Illustrator is great if you are working on vector-based designs. You can scale a vector indefinitely without distorting or making the object blurry. This is why illustrator is a great program to design logos.
Deciding which program you want to work with really depends on the results you are looking to achieve. Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what each of these programs has to offer and can see why designers cannot live without them.