iCloud: the New Apple Device Synchronizer

iCloud: the New Apple Device Synchronizer

iCloud: the New Apple Device Synchronizer 150 150 adminxs


Apple’s iCloud is expected to “leapfrog” the competition.

iTunes currently has approximately 225 million customers who listen to music, watch videos, stream podcasts and engage in practically all of the entertainment media has to offer. Users can listen & watch on their iPhone, Mac and even their iPAD. It’s just been hassle to download all of your songs from one platform to the next – until now.
At the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco June 6th, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled their newest product: the iCloud, a synchronizing online storage service that allows users to access any music, photos, files and software they purchased from iTunes on multiple devices. This new free of charge service similarly replicates Amazon’s Kindle service which allows users to synchronize their reading material to resume wherever they left off on the device itself or their own PC.


“Now when Apple users download music to their MACs they can find it will already be automatically synced with their iPhones and iPads” says Orange County web design firm Urban Geko.

Characteristically following Apple’s extremely user-friendly methodology, there will be no complicated steps users need to take nor even any additional software users will have to download onto their computers. As Jobs says in his Keynote speech, “Everything happens automatically and there is nothing new to learn.”
Spectators suspect that the iCloud will allow Apple to further dominate any services from Google or Amazon as the company has already positioned itself as the world’s largest distributor of music.
While Apple competitors weren’t the happiest to hear the announcement, the additional service, iTunes Match, a $25-per-year subscription, will be music to the ears of recording artists. It will enable users to have their hard drives scanned for music ripped from CDs, pirate online or purchased from non-Apple stores to be matched an allow them to listen to it on any Apple device they own.
As a logical step in the company’s stream of products, our Orange County web design team is excited to see what they’ll come out with next.

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