Giving Back To Our Community

Giving Back To Our Community

Giving Back To Our Community 150 150 Urban Geko

At Urban Geko, we are committed to doing our part to keep our community and environment clean. Starting this weekend, we will be donating our time to local beach clean-up efforts and doing our part to give back. We believe that keeping our beaches clean is especially important considering southern California is home to some of the most beautiful and popular coastline in the country.

In 2007, there were 22,571 beach closures recorded as the result of pollution, much of which could have been prevented. Although there is no single cause for beach pollution, heavy rain that overwhelms sewage treatment plants and storm drains, and forces waste into the ocean through discharge pipes is a major contributing factor. Swimming in the ocean when pollutant levels are high can be dangerous and cause everything from rashes to respiratory irritation and even hepatitis.

A natural occurrence called a red tide, which is a bloom of microscopic algae, can also be exacerbated by pollutants that the algae feed on like sewage, fertilizer and farm runoff. These algae release a potent toxin which is harmful to sea life, as well as humans, and can cause potentially serious illness.

How can you help the problem? Simple. Don’t leave any trash at the beach on your next visit, minimize runoff from your property, and make sure that the only thing going down storm drains is water. We’ll be doing our part, leave a comment and tell us how you’re doing yours.