Creativity Gone AWOL?

Creativity Gone AWOL?

Creativity Gone AWOL? 150 150 adminxs

Creative block. It happens to all of us eventually, and to some more often than others.

So, what happens when the creative juices are clogged, choked, plugged or otherwise stopped up? The obstruction needs to be cleared by whatever means necessary. Here are some ways to thwart the beastly block of creativity.

• Sleep on it.

Your brain borders on hyperactivity at night while you’re dreaming, often solving problems from your creatively stumped waking hours.

• Walk it off.

Take a 10 minute break from work, go outside and get some fresh air. Even a short break can give you an opportunity to look at your project with fresh eyes.

• Art imitates life.

Look to your personal life or hobbies for ideas or concepts that may stir up the winds in your creative doldrums.

• As good as new.

Try doing something you’ve never done before. Many times, new experiences prompt your mind to work in different ways, possibly unearthing ideas.

• Clear as mud.

If you’re at a complete and total loss for even the smallest shred of an idea, get another briefing on the project. A little clarification can do a heap of good since creative blocks can sometimes be the result of a lack of information.

• Anything.

Sometimes, something truly accidental can break a creative block. From the mundane to the insane, an act as simple as eating lunch can spark an idea that launches into the stratosphere.