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This year’s TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) Conference, which took place in Long Beach, CA delivered presentations on innovative topics such as Boldness, Imagination & Play. James Cameron, Bill Gates & Sarah Silverman were among the speakers present at the conference. detailed the 10 Big Ideas from TED. Here is my take on a few items on the list:
1. $60K a year can make you happy
While $60K might be true for American standards, I feel as though changing your mentality on happiness would be an easier feat rather than your yearly salary. I read an article about a year ago on the happiest countries in the world in which Denmark ranked #1. Their rank was explained by the simple mentality of having no expectations. Americans often grow-up expecting a certain lifestyle that encompasses a dream job, family, car, house etc. and when we don’t obtain those things we become unhappy. As my Mom always told me, “It’s not the situations you encounter that define who you are, but rather how you cope with them.”

2. Save the world through games
3. Anonymity promotes honesty
4. We can end slavery
5. Moral ideas are right or wrong, not both
6. “What we eat is really our chemotherapy three times a day”
I recently watched another TED conference on the topic of Longevity. It pointed out that the people in the world who live the longest reside in places where they are continually “nudged” into daily physical activity such as standing up 40 times a day or doing chores around a farm. This is something that Americans can no longer depend upon due to our sedentary lifestyles and the comforts technology has provided. We must engage in rigorous physical activity that is compressed into the limited free-time during the day which so many of us lack. This is one of the reasons why longevity is not the most prevalent in all of America and why we must do our best to at the very least control what we eat.

Tomatoes can reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men.

Men can reduce their risk of prostate cancer by consuming 2-3 servings of cooked tomatoes per week.

7. The ukelele can stop war
8. $28 billion mostly wasted on placebos
The CNN article details the views of Michael Specter who believes that parents who refuse to vaccinate their children due to “an unfounded connection to autism and people shunning genetically modified foods that have the potential of helping the world fight increasing hunger” is the result of a growing rejection of science. I believe that parents should have a right to protect their children and teach them their own beliefs, but if these actions harm other individuals then that is a different story. A Law & Order: SVU episode revolved around a case in which a woman who refused to vaccinate her son was put on trial because her son spread a disease that he unknowingly had to another child while he was playing at a public park. We always tend to think of what is best of our son or daughter, but we must also consider what is best for the rest of the world.

9. Stop politicians doing stupid things that spread HIV
10. Every eight days, the toll of the Haiti quake