2016 Lobster Festivals – Orange County and Los Angeles

2016 Lobster Fest – YUM! Are You Going? Come join the fun this August and September Lobster Festivals around town. Enjoy scrumptious East Coast lobsters flown in fresh daily, gourmet appetizers, desserts, no-host bars, live music, DJ’s, dancing, amazing Silent Auctions and more. Tickets can be purchased online for each event. In support of our local communities, we’ve included […]

Urban Geko Receives 2014 Best of Newport Beach Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Urban Geko Receives 2014 Best of Newport Beach Award Newport Beach Award Program Honors the Achievement NEWPORT BEACH April 23, 2014 — Urban Geko, a Orange County Website Design Service firm has been selected for the 2014 Best of Newport Beach Award in the Website Designer category by the Newport Beach Award […]

Gmail Rolls Out New Priority Inbox Feature

If you have a gmail account, you may have noticed recently a bright red link in the upper right hand corner labeled “Priority Inbox Beta.” This is Googles latest attempt to de-clutter your inbox so that you don’t experience the information overload you get every time you login. The priority mail setting splits up your […]

iCloud: the New Apple Device Synchronizer

  Apple’s iCloud is expected to “leapfrog” the competition. iTunes currently has approximately 225 million customers who listen to music, watch videos, stream podcasts and engage in practically all of the entertainment media has to offer. Users can listen & watch on their iPhone, Mac and even their iPAD. It’s just been hassle to download […]

Google Wallet: The New Credit Card

Once upon a time, long long ago humans used to purchase items by exchanging personal belongings, everything from livestock and weapons to silk and human skulls. A typical transaction could have gone something like, You give me 7 cows and a gun and I’ll give you 10 chickens, a handful of tea and spices and […]

Will Digg Be Saved by a Former Amazon GM?

With recent backlash for the site’s complete redesign, Digg has taken action to secure the sites future by hiring former Amazon General Manager of Payments, Matt Williams. His resume includes over a decade of experience at Amazon from GM Webstore to Director Tech Alliances, Director Commujnity & Cross-Merchandising to Director Auctions and Marketplace. Additionally, he […]

Bing: Microsoft’s Crown Jewel After 8 Year, $6 Billion Slump

At the beginning of this year at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer highlighted the market-share gains for the Bing search engine as the company’s come back from “an economically devastating year.” Since then, Bing, rebranded as the “decision engine” has partnered with Yahoo! to increase its U.S. market-share that […]

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