Four Hot Design Trends

New trends continually emerge in the world of website design. Though none who make a business for themselves in web design Orange County CA would recommend incorporating every emerging trend into your site design, it’s worthwhile to keep abreast of changes in the industry and adopt those that will improve your site.

The End of the Road for Flash?

Flash has been getting a bad rap lately. Once the (somewhat overused) darling of interactive website design, Flash has definitely suffered at the hand of mobile devices. It doesn’t function properly on a number of devices. And it’s not supported at all on Apple’s iPhones or iPads, and since Apple products make up a good […]

2/10 Big Ideas for the Next 10 Years Examined

When we think back in time to the decades prior to the 21st century, strong connotations come to mind that define each one in terms of fashion, political movements, popular culture etc. Now consider present day: we have survived what many have called “The Decade from Hell” which has yet to be named (the 00s, […]

Saul Bass: Pioneer of Title Sequence Design

Throughout my design studies in college the name “Saul Bass” always rang with a high level of regard and esteem. I first learned about him in my Meaning & Motion class which painted him as the “pioneer of title sequences.” It amazes me that brilliant opening credits for films such as Se7en and television shows […]

Best New Menswear Designer in America award

Robert Geller has recently been announced as the winner of the Best New Menswear Designer in America award for 2009. The second annual competition, a collaboration between GQ magazine and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, nets the winner $50,000 and a chance to design a limited-edition collection for Levi’s. So the big question […]

Using Color in the Garden

Color in the garden is the first visual a visitor will notice. And in general terms, the way those colors bounce off each other should take precedence in garden planning over the types of plants the gardener places in any particular spot. TED Announces 10 Big Ideas for 2010

This year’s TED (Technology, Entertainment & Design) Conference, which took place in Long Beach, CA delivered presentations on innovative topics such as Boldness, Imagination & Play. James Cameron, Bill Gates & Sarah Silverman were among the speakers present at the conference. detailed the 10 Big Ideas from TED. Here is my take on a […]

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