2012 London Olympic Mascots: Couch Potatoes?

2012 London Olympic Mascots: Couch Potatoes?

2012 London Olympic Mascots: Couch Potatoes? 150 150 adminxs

“This could only be the work of a committee; it screams CC’d creativity.” -A.A. Gill, columnist, on the newly unveiled 2012 London Olympic mascots, Wenlock and Mandeville (Time Magazine).
A.A. Gill goes on to critique the new mascots in her article Our couch potato Olympic mascots describing them as “evocations of the passive viewer, couch prone, one huge goggling eye, useless limbs.” Unfortunately, these mascots which were created to entice children to participate in the physical excellence, prowess and excitement of the games seem to be as poorly received as the logo was back in June 2007.

According to Gill, Wenlock was named after a town home to a unknown Englishman and Mandeville after a hospital for drunk ex-motorcyclists. Much like the logo they transform color as they adapt to their surroundings symbolizing the journey towards the Olympic games. According to the London 2012 Olympic site they are designed with specific features supposedly inspired by London’s taxicabs as well as elements from the games themselves.

They even have their own section of the official website which features a film introducing the duo.

As an Orange County graphic design firm, we understand that it can often be a daunting task to create a brand identity that caters to such a large scale audience. A creative team can either push the boundaries of what is acceptable or remain complacent with traditional styles and trends. However, with a logo reminiscent of Lisa Simpson’s geometrical shaped head and mascots that fail to capture the spirit of the festivities, I hope that the 2012 London Olympic games will do a better job of captivating a target audience that’s comprised of essentially the entire world.